Get Rubbed The Right Way With A Therapeutic Houston Massage

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years. This therapeutic treatment works the muscles and fascia, and can reduce stress, relieve tired aching muscles, and can even help you sleep better. It also helps with headaches, injuries, circulatory problems, and arthritis and tendonitis. Some believe that it can help lower cortisol levels, which are released by the adrenal glands. Too much cortisol can affect your metabolism, which will make you feel tired, and run down.

If you are looking for a great massage in Houston, try Royal Thai Spa and Salon. They specialize in different therapies, which will increase your energy, tone and tighten your muscles, and get rid of aches and pains. If you suffer from chronic pain, regular massage treatments can reduce or eliminate that nagging backache completely. Try a Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Hot Stone, or foot Reflexology therapy, and start feeling better the moment you step off the massage table. Add on a mini hot stone massage with any one of the Houston massage therapies.

Swedish massage is also known as a classic massage. This therapy can help you get used to muscle manipulation, and is the perfect technique for those of you who are new to massage. This full body therapy will relax, and increase blood flow, which can greatly improve chronic pain, and insomnia. Aromatherapy, which uses essential oils, is also included in the Swedish Houston massage at the Royal Thai Spa and Salon.

Sports enthusiasts, athletes, and those who like heavy manipulation will benefit from a Deep Tissue massage. This therapy realigns the connective tissue, and focuses on the deeper muscle layers. You can expect slower strokes, and intense pressure, as your therapist will work on specific areas of the body.

One of the most popular massage therapies in the world is Thai massage. This technique works the body for up to 120 minutes and opens you up, allowing the healing energy to be absorbed. Your qualified therapist incorporates stretching and deep massage. Instead of a mat, you will be asked to lie on the floor fully clothed.

Shiatsu, which is also called finger pressure massage, is an Oriental technique that is based on the meridian system. It uses the same principles as acupuncture. Shiatsu stimulates pressure points, which will relieve stress and tension. Houston massage therapists are highly trained in this ancient therapy, and can help you re-balance your body, and get rid of annoying body aches and pains.

If you prefer a lighter massage, you should try a Hot Stone therapy. Heated lava stones are massaged into the skin targeting specific pressure points. This treatment is perfect for people who dislike deep tissue massage, or intense pressure.

Foot Reflexology incorporates therapeutic touch, and addresses specific reflex points on the feet. Your massage therapist will use their thumbs and fingers to gently stretch and massage. It is believed that certain parts of your feet correlate with different organs in the body.

Enjoy a relaxing sauna, as the steam room is free for every client that has a message, or body therapy treatment. Call today, and start feeling better tomorrow.