Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai massage therapy, often referred to as Thai Yoga massage, is considered by many to be a true healing art. The history of Thai massage dates back more than 2500 years to it’s said founder Shivago Komarpaj who is said to be the actual physician to Buddha. The actual history is a bit more complex than would be suggested by a single founder but actually is a diverse combination of the Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian Cultural influences. In Thailand , Thai Massage is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine, now recognized and actually regulated by the government and is considered to be a true medical discipline for the treatment of many different ailments. The actual name in Thailand is “ Nuat boran” (nuat-pressure, boran=ancient) Today, it is often difficult to find a massage therapist with actual Thailand training. There are select spa’s and therapy clinic’s sparsely located around the United States. Generally speaking this is not a simple procedure that someone can learn at some weekend workshop, so we strongly recommend that you ask questions about the therapists actual training and experience.

For most part you will find that Thai Massage practitioners trained at the most famous Thailand Massage Training Institute, Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical located in the Chiangmai and Bangkok Thailand, will be your very best therapist and teachers and well versed in the different treatments and procedures. Thai massage is becoming very popular and you can actually find a few reputable training centers in the USA.

Traditionally, the Thai massage includes a gentle combination of yoga stretching, acupressure, reflexology and various exercise movements. Usually, the Royal Thai massage is performed on a padded floor or using a traditional low-rise Thai bed, with clients wearing loose, comfortable clothing to ensure optimal range of motion. Not only do Thai massage therapists use their hands in performing the massage, they actually integrate their elbows and feet, often walking on the back and legs of the client. Sometimes various aspects of Swedish massage can also be incorporated into the Thai massage technique, including kneading, long deep stroking motions and the use of warm massage oil will be incorporated into the massage.

Another very important added modality/treatment of Thai Massage is : “ Look Pra Kob” This is the Thai herbal compress balls. This practice was originally reserved for Thai Royalty. It’s popularity grew with rural folk medicine when the knowledge of plants and herbs were greatly studied with their effects on on the body and were incorporated into Tradition Thai healing practices. Herbal compress therapy retains it’s popularity in Thailand ‘s most high end spas and at The Wat Po Traditional Medical School and Temple in in Bangkok.

The selection of various herbs sometimes can include , Ginger, Turmeric, Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime, Coconut, ect which is then carefully wrapped into a 100% cotton Linen cloth ball. The herbal ball is then soaked in water and steamed in preparation for the treatment. Using soothing and relaxing movements to invigorate the body and senses and to boost the energy level.. Also during the treatment the warm herbal ball is applied to most of the major muscle groups following the Traditional Thai Meridian called “Sen Sib”. Imbalances and blockages of energy can be opened and alleviated thus opening up the channels for free energy flow.

Recipients of this Thai massage therapy often make positive mention of improved muscle relaxation and flexibility, noting a significant release of tension and increased blood flow to the extremities. Other physical benefits include replenished energy levels, improved mental awareness and a sense of spiritual well-being. Whether you’re interested in increasing blood flow, relieving chronic muscle tension or rebalancing the body through pressure point stimulation, “Look Par Kob” (herbal Ball treatment) should prove to be your answer to better health, relaxation and a better outlook on life!

Cleopatra Royal 24K Gold facial

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